Biblical rules for dating

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Biblical rules for dating

Some parents encourage it while other strongly discourage it.

Some allow their children to date whenever their kid decides to while others set an age when their children can start dating.

As someone who works with teenagers I have seen almost everything when it comes to teens and dating.

If we would encourage Christians to marry Christians, doesn’t it make sense to encourage Christians to date other Christians? In this video, Tim Keller explains how it’s not practical for Christians to date non-Christians.Whenever we put anything before God, it’s becomes idolatry.It’s safe to say many teenagers make the person they are dating an idol.The movement gained widespread exposure following the best-selling response to I Kissed Dating Goodbye, a popular contemporary treatment of Christian courtship by homeschool student Joshua Harris. These principles have been summarized in Leave Dating Behind: a Road Map to Marriage by Christina Rogers within the acronym CARE: Each courtship is unique insofar as the methods used to honor these principles will be unique in every given situation.A variety of courtship literature has been established to give guidance to singles and their families regarding the major Biblical principles.

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The biggest issue with teenage dating is the door it opens to sexual temptation.