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The bottom line: it's your face, somebody will love it either way.

I am 47, single, live downtown, no kids and very little baggage.

Personally, I find it a little dangerous to make proclamations about one gender's "role" without acknowledging that the door swings both ways.

Perhaps the next time one of these women provides you with a list of your gender-based duties, you should hand her a basket of your dirty laundry.

What most people are attracted to is confidence and that's where "nice guys" (and "nice girls," mind you) can fall short. So believe in yourself and get out there -- there are a lot of women who would love to meet you.

Bad boys usually have abundant amounts of confidence (not to mention its evil twin, arrogance), but a lot of times, nice guys have trouble asserting themselves in a manner that's attractive to women. Why is it that every woman I date seems to have a long list of roles that men are to fill: lead, make money, open doors, give gifts, etc., yet when asked what her roles are she goes silent, like there are none?

Read her story on "Looking for love after 40." Please educate males over 40 to stop with the grey beards! Gee, ever wonder why so many guys on match over 45 are still on match?

So no, "most" women are not attracted to the black sheep of the dating family.I am 52 now, have been dating for 12 years in the Seattle area since my divorce at age 40 after one 15-year marriage and 2 kids.I've done it all: Personal ads, online dating, singles dances, blind dates, hanging out in the bars and nightclubs.Obviously, we're still at a bit of cultural crossroads here -- there's a lot of confusion exactly because we're in flux.But flux and confusion is good -- it means things are moving along, changing and growing.

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Isn't it true that most women really aren't that attracted to "nice" guys?

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