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Citylifedating com

It was great fun to watch her start owning her life, instead of being an observer of it.

While I was able to be an expert on all things Tinder for a while, it has led to many more of my friends getting the app.I’m pretty sure that I had simply rolled my Friday drunk into my Saturday drinking creating some sort of “superdrunk” that was not really sure what was going on in my immediate surroundings.We all made it out to the bar Saturday night and were basically already at the peak drunk stage.Rather than go to the store to get non-perishables and responsible things I bought frozen pizzas and my friends bought a keg. We basically spent the entire weekend getting annihilated and playing massive quantities of FIFA. I spent Friday night at a bar trying to convince a .4 (Binary Scale) from my past that she didn’t actually have a boyfriend (shocker that didn’t work) and drinking obscene amounts of hipster beer.Fast forward to Saturday and we had been drinking for a couple days.

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