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All the early systems depended on the use of one or more cards on which were recorded the name of the book, the name of the borrower, and the date on which the book should be returned.

Public libraries in particular have used display boards and shelves to draw attention to recent additions, and many libraries produce complete or selective lists for circulation to patrons.But in public libraries, and still more so in special libraries in the fields of science and technology, readers have long sought guidance about information on their subject as well as about the library.This process has been greatly extended by the enormous increases in research worldwide and in the quantity of information and publications available in many languages and by the excellence of the indexes, abstracts, bibliographies, and databases that help to control the documentation of this massive output.In reference service, librarians have traditionally given personal help to readers in making the best use of collections to satisfy their information needs.The publication of printed catalogs and bibliographies, the accessibility of and multimedia databases, and the organizing of interlibrary cooperation have widened the range of resources available to the individual reader.

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In a computer search the first request often reveals that the database contains hundreds or even thousands of “hits,” or references relating to the topic requested.

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