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Android Wear is sufficiently simple that the lack of a more sophisticated controller is not really an issue, especially if you are willing to talk to your watch.The only caveat here would be that although brand new Android Wear devices such as this one are now compatible with i OS devices, they lose so much functionality that the OS becomes even more simple, perhaps to the point of over-simplicity, in fact.That button on the side awakens and brightens the screen or turns it off (with a double push).It doesn't do much else, unlike the Apple Watch crown or the Gear S2 bezel, leaving you to navigate with touch and voice.

The first thing you should know: this is a £1,100 smartwatch running Android Wear, and that's what it feels like, and that's what it is.Unlike previous Android Wear watches, the screen is always on by default, and flares up when you press the crown or raise your wrist - though it soon darkens to preserve battery life, which is described as 'all-day', but can be stretched to two days. However, if you've got an i Phone, I'd always recommend an Apple Watch over an Android Wear one. The truth is, I don't think anyone other than TAG Heuer die-hards will buy this piece - and that's not a criticism as such, that may well be a big enough market to make it pretty successful, in lower-end luxury watch terms.If I'm being honest, this review is a little pointless. There is one final twist that I think almost guarantees it, actually: the fact that, after three years, you can trade this for a mechanical Carrera, albeit for a further £1,100.Google Now works really well to give you info tailored to your learned interests and location, and the voice control is that bit better than Siri, at least with my posh tones. I think it is, just because it pares back smartwatch functionality to the essentials and makes them work.In terms of app-powered versatility it's not a patch on watch OS 2, but do you really need all those bells and whistles on your wrist?

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