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I think we can all agree that dating is an embarrassing tangle of awkward attraction mixed with the overwhelming hope that a few hours could possibly turn into something meaningful, something passionate, something that isn’t a complete bore. Since we are currently living in the age of hookup culture, where casual sexual encounters are encouraged and long-term commitment doesn’t necessarily always play a role, traditional dating is a rarity. Just as I was about to say something about it, the whole thing fell off in one big chunk, bringing a hunk of the wall and tiles with it. I tried to cover for us with a story about him slipping while he was showering alone, but they definitely weren’t buying it.

Check them out for yourself and be thankful these embarrassing moments didn’t happen to you.

Because of this, if a date does occur, a lot of pressure is put on the entire night.

The pressure and the anxiety for things to go correctly can sometimes steer the outcome of the night and for these 27 hopefuls, their dates most definitely left them turned off and unwilling to meet again.

He laughed after he figured it out, but for a second there I was sure he’d faint!

-- I once fell off a three-foot-high platform bed with a 200 pound man on top of me, landed on the concrete floor and got knocked out cold.

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Sex can be a lot of things -- passionate, energizing and yes, sometimes even embarrassing.

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