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Kingsdating com

For easy access, continue on Avenue de Saint-Cloud until the six way intersection, and take a 90 degree right to access the trail(s).

After perusing paintings at the Louvre and consuming sweets at the corner patisserie, take a morning and explore one of the locations outlined below.This image—on your phone or camera—will help orient you when you come across one of the many thoroughfares that criss-cross the park, many of which are well-marked. As you explore the trails, be mindful that visiting the edge of any major drivable thoroughfare may bring you face-to-face with the less reputable side of this natural area: prostitutes.Lone men wandering the woods may attract attention, but a quick flash of your binoculars should dispel any questions about the intention of your visit.Mixed flocks of tits are likely throughout the park, including—in order of abundance—Great, Eurasian Blue, Long-tailed, and Marsh.Crested Tits can be found in the conifer trees that line carless Avenue de Saint-Cloud that runs north-south down the middle of . The ample undergrowth hold many of the likely suspects, including European Robin, Eurasian Wren, Song Thrush, Eurasian Blackbird, Blackcap, Common Chiffchaff, and Willow Warbler.

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Located to the west of Paris, Bois de Boulogne is located just outside the circular highway that defines the borders of Paris.

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