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Van Veen – You didn’t have time to change after work?You’d think Scores would let you set your own hours.If you showed up in this, forget the reservations, we’re heading to the east village for people-watching, window-shopping, conversation and cheap eats.Much as I love jeans, though, these are ridiculous, a designer version of the kind misanthropic teens scuff around sweeping the streets with.Read on to get the scoop on how to approach people at one of Isaac Likes Jenny's killer parties, the most common relationship pitfalls, and of course, the one song to turn any party around.Ricky Van Veen, 26, Editor-in-Chief, College Humor John Mulaney, 25, comedian Matt Titus, 40, dating coach “Matt’s Little Black Book” Steve Santagati, 43, NYT bestselling author, “The Manual” Kristian La Liberte, 24, gay boy-about-town, stylist/publicist Unruly Heir Dr. The casual is a lot less intimidating than high fashion and if you want a guy to ask you out, this outfit won’t scare them off! La Liberte - The jeans are way too wide and make you look bigger than you are, and the shirt is too tight in comparison.Mulaney – This is the worst thing I have ever seen and would only be worn by fools. Send this space girl back to the ship before that thing climbs up her face.Titus - I am sure it works on the runway, but for some reason I am getting Star Trek flashbacks. Neffinger - Is this coat sealskin, or the stuff astronauts wear for spacewalks?

La Liberte – Kinda Princess Diana-ish before she got trendy.

But this year he teamed up with his model girlfriend Jenny Albright to officially DJ under the name Isaac Likes Jenny, and they found themselves spinning major fashion events like the Business of Fashion 500 party and the unofficial Yeezy Season 2 after-party as well as a weekly gig at the exclusive Never Never.

We had to catch up with them to talk music but the loose conversation quickly turned into dating stories and advice which reinforced Miller as the go-to guy for all things relationships.

Van Veen – I like this – not too crazy, it’s playing it safe. Santagati – I went to school in Boston and the girls from Wellsley would wear this crap but were often good in bed. Titus – I’m a guy, so this is definitely my second choice.

Definitely good for a blind date with a bullfighter. When a girl wears this she’s saying “I’m conservative on the outside but naughty as all hell on the inside.” La Liberte – Preppy look suits you best, and it’s classy without being too frigid, because you show some skin. Leaves little, very little to the imagination and any guy who doesn’t put this one is his top two needs to be sent my way for relationship help!

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