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Software dating matchmaker commissions tiers

A majority of the board constitutes a quorum, and a concurrence of a majority of a quorum is sufficient for taking any action.

If there are unfilled positions on the board, a majority of those persons appointed and serving on the board constitutes a quorum. The chairman may designate panels of not less than three members.

One member shall be a member of a neighborhood association recognized by a county, city or town. Members' terms expire on the third Monday in January of the appropriate year.The governor may remove any member of the board for cause.No member may represent a licensee before the board or the department for a period of one year after the conclusion of the member's service on the board. The board shall annually elect from its membership a chairman and vice‑chairman.(b) For the proper conduct of the business to be carried on under each specific type of spirituous liquor license.(c) To enable and assist state officials and political subdivisions to collect taxes levied or imposed in connection with spirituous liquors. Keeping an index record which shall be a public record open to public inspection and shall contain the name and address of each licensee and the name and address of any person having an interest, either legal or equitable, in each license as shown by any written document, which document shall be placed on file in the office of the board. Providing the board with such supplies and personnel as may be directed by the board. Responding in writing to any law enforcement agency that submits an investigative report to the department relating to a violation of this title, setting forth what action, if any, the department has taken or intends to take on the report and, if the report lacks sufficient information or is otherwise defective for use by the department, what the agency must do to remedy the report. Taking such steps as are necessary to maintain effective liaison with the department of public safety and all local law enforcement agencies in the enforcement of this title including the laws of this state against the consumption of spirituous liquor by persons under the legal drinking age. Providing training to law enforcement agencies in the proper investigation and reporting of violations of this title. The director shall establish within the department a separate investigations unit which has as its sole responsibility the investigation of compliance with this title including the investigation of licensees alleged to have sold or distributed spirituous liquor in any form to persons under the legal drinking age.

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A panel shall not, however, adopt rules as provided in section 4‑112, subsection A, paragraph 2.

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