Updating php on mac os x

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For more information, please contact the Zend Support Center.

For a list of limitations and known upgrade issues, see the Zend Server Release Notes.

on this page I found an older PHP package compatible with OS 10.4: PHP 5.2.4 for Apache 1.3 I followed the instructions on that page, and it worked prefectly.

The procedures on this page describe the upgrade procedures for a single Zend Server and a Zend Server cluster on a Mac OS X operating system.

It allows you to use this convenient syntax to print a value: "Uncompress it with the Terminal"?? just double click on the file and it will uncompress just fine.

Since 10.12 we now use Homebrew's Apache, rather than the built-in version, but this new appraoch is more flexible and should continue to work on prior OS X versions.

The script upgrades your Zend Server and PHP versions, according to your current configurations and target version passed.

The script will notify you when an upgrade cannot be performed. When changing a major PHP version, some PHP and Zend Server configuration settings may be lost.

You should be okay if you accept the default answers for each question. Run this command in the Terminal: XDebug is an advanced debugging and profiling tool for PHP.

When the script finishes, PEAR should be installed in in a web browser (you created this file earlier). It provides stack and function traces, memory allocation, profiling, code coverage analysis, and more.

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Developing web applications on mac OS is a real joy.

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