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Expecting a baby boy in January with “the greatest guy on earth,” husband Alec Mazo, the former pro says the couple’s latest steps have been completely choreographed. We always wanted to start a family and it never seemed to be the right time with our careers,” Sliwinska, 32, tells PEOPLE.“It’s difficult for a dancer because deciding to have a baby means taking yourself out of the game for awhile.” She adds, “I come from a big family and I always wanted to have kids.professionals Edyta Sliwinska and her husband Alec Mazo welcomed a son, Michael Alexander Mazo, on Saturday, Jan. “Even though I’ve been told how incredible it is to be a mom, I never imagined I would enjoy so much every minute spent with my little munchkin.” After Sliwinska and Mazo, 35, competed on the show for 10 and four seasons respectively, she announced her focus would be shifting to starting a family. So far it’s been the most amazing experience of my life,” Sliwinska, 32, tells PEOPLE.Sliwinska can boast with her victories in various dancing contests and with a slim waist, which remained ideal after pregnancy. Of course, the star tries to eat just healthy calories, but if she feels, that she can’t live without an ice-cream or a big piece of cake, she can have it, but not to cross her limit of calories.In 2014 Edyta and her husband, a producer Alec Mazo welcomed a son Michael. If Edyta has an important event in a couple of days, she can keep to an express diet.She has banana body shape, when the figure is tall and slim, there’s no body fat on the belly and on the thighs. She was fond of dancing since childhood, but her parents had no money to pay for it, that’s why the girl was a self taught dancer.

They became partners both on the dance floor and off, and both joined rather suddenly before the 11th outing of the series, and the buzz was that there was quite a bit of bad blood between these two pros and the producers for some time.Sliwinska is headed back to pro stuck with the series until Season 10, and now this spring will be the first time that Sliwinska is back with a partner since then.Other partners over the years included Joey Lawrence, Jason Taylor, Cameron Mathison, and Lawrence Taylor, just to name a few.since the show’s early days are thrilled to see professional dancer Edyta Sliwinska head back to the stage again this spring.Edyta was known for her hot partnerships and barely-there costumes in the early days of the series, but she has been gone for quite a few seasons now.

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