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Do NOT walk that narrow road to the cable car or you will endanger the buses and their passengers because they’ll have no room to maneuver around you. One of the two.) For a long time, women were not permitted close to the many temples at Koyasan.

So, women circled the mountain, visiting the seven traditional entrances to the sacred districts there.

This volume also has synopses of the TV episodes, a color page showing all the merchandise for the movie that has been released, and some color pictures from the movie.

There is another set of Bebop manga that came out before the version shown above.

This will naturally transition into the Sanzan Course until you return to your starting point.

If you’re hiking in the the Kansai area, this is a must. There’s everything from palms and banana trees to towering cedar forests. You don’t have to be an expert hiker as the trails are often worn and not too steep.

Course C is a lovely, leisurely stroll through the countryside, past a few old houses, streams and a field or two. Here you’ll see a signpost with multiple directions.

If you’re doing the Choishi Stupa Route, use the stations listed below. The hike is not difficult and the trail is clean, but the estimated 7-8 hours is for a fit hiker.There are 3 collected volumes (tankoubon) for Cowboy Bebop so far. The ISBN# is: TOKYOPOP has translated the Bebop Manga drawn by Nanten Yutaka into English and released it in the US. I can't comment on how good the translations are, but if yu need another Bebop fix, this might be the thing for you. Volume 1: ISBN1-931514-91-7 Volume 2: ISBN1-931514-48-8 Volume 3: ISBN1-59182-033-2 If you can't find the second series manga tankoubon, then look for this lovely item.It's a large collected version of all of the Bebop manga by Nanten Yutaka, plus one new 50 page bebop story called 'Monkey Magic.' It appeard on newstands in Japan shortly before the release of the Cowboy Bebop Movie, and it includes a really nice large color poster for the movie featuring Spike, Faye, Jet, Ed, Ein, and Vincent.TIP: In the fall, perhaps October, when persimmons are in season, you might be lucky enough to find locals selling them on the roadside at Yadate. The pilgrimage trail brings you to the Daimon Gate (#1 on the map below).After exploring town, make your way to Nyonindo (#9).


Despite being in excellent shape and well-known, you won’t find many people on the trail, especially from the earlier trail heads, so don’t worry about crowds.